In Review: Steel Rats

In my mind, I like to think Steel Rats was conceived at 3am by a load of drunken game devs. Stumbling home, one of them drunkenly slurs, “Listen, listen, I’ve got… an idea..”

“Let’s make a game about motorbikes with sawblades for wheels.” And lo. It was done.

Another week, another video game review. This time round, I got my leather biker gloves around the handlebars of Steel Rats, the latest entry into the clearly overcrowded 2.5D stunt-bike puzzle brawler market. It’s a blast to play, and well worth a look if you’re a fan of arcade games.

Read my review online at Jump Dash Roll here.

Facebook data breach




Government: It’s absolutely terrible how much Facebook have disrespected you, sharing your data without any consent.
Steve: Yeah, you’re right. That is kind of bad.
* GCHQ employee loudly enters the room with a giant stack of papers *
GCHQ: So, we finally got all that stuff on Steve you asked f…
Steve: …
Government: …

Only 90s internet kids will understand

Once seen, never unseen. We all remember the first time we saw the fleshy pink cavern. We screamed, but all we heard was the sound of our own horror, a dull echo, reflected back from within the meaty walls. We tried not to look, but our eyes were forever drawn back, again, and again. Almost as if the gaping circumference held us in its own gravity well, drawing us forever closer,

Welcome back, old memories.


Seen at the Sackler gallery in London. As far as tributes go, this is one of the most tasteful I’ve ever seen.

But it begs the question: is the artist naive for not knowing the connotations, or am I a horrible person for assuming what it is.

I think I’m probably the horrible person.