In Review: Steel Rats

In my mind, I like to think Steel Rats was conceived at 3am by a load of drunken game devs. Stumbling home, one of them drunkenly slurs, “Listen, listen, I’ve got… an idea..”

“Let’s make a game about motorbikes with sawblades for wheels.” And lo. It was done.

Another week, another video game review. This time round, I got my leather biker gloves around the handlebars of Steel Rats, the latest entry into the clearly overcrowded 2.5D stunt-bike puzzle brawler market. It’s a blast to play, and well worth a look if you’re a fan of arcade games.

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In Review: Space Hulk: Tactics

“‍Just 250 simple pieces, two hours of set-up, and we’re good to go.”

I recently had the chance to play and review the newest entry into the world of Space Hulk, from Cyanide Studios.

It was… Disappointing. There are already post-release bug squashing patches coming out, but the main game was just not quite there. Shame, really. I think in another couple of months, they’ll sort most of the kinks out, but it seems to be another case of a dev having to hit a deadline, and not having enough time to do that final polish.

Still, I didn’t pay anything for it, so nothing lost for me other than a few hours! If you’re an absolutely die-hard Space Hulk nut, then it’s worth the buy, but I’d wait a few months and see what state it’s in before taking the plunge.

You can read my review of the game on Jump Dash Roll.